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If you are dedicated to improving and enhancing education for all learners—and you like the idea of working with team members and faculty to accomplish this—then iDesign invites you to explore the Learning Architect Pathway. Learning architects bring special expertise to the curation and creation of online course materials. The pathway experience is designed to lead you through the steps needed to acquire that expertise.

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Learning Architect

The Learning Architect Pathway consists of 13 core competencies that cover the foundational knowledge and skills that a learning architect needs in order to be successful.

Each competency includes a clear set of knowledge objectives that are aligned to relevant resources, practice activities, and self-assessments.

The competencies are grouped into thematic sets—complete one successfully, and you can earn a digital badge in the following:

Upon successful completion of all 13 competencies, iDesign will give you an LA Pathway Completion Badge, which you can use to enhance your résumé, CV, or professional Web presence.

For an even deeper dive, you can move on to the LA Pathway Portfolio Experience. This option will pair you with a learning coach, who will provide one-on-one support to help you meet the performance objectives needed to flourish in the field. Upon successful completion of this competency, iDesign will grant you an LA Pathway Digital Portfolio Certificate that affirms your participation and achievement.

Portfolio Experience, an executive education opportunity that pairs you with a learning coach and results in a sharable, online showcase of work samples that demonstrate your mastery of essential skills.

Learning Architect Curriculum

Learning Theories
Instructional Design Models
Learning Objectives
Alignment and Mapping
Creating and Communicating with Google
Communication and Collaboration
LMS Fundamentals
Project Management
Educational Technologies
Coaching and Support
Legal and Regulatory Requirements
Activity Development
Content Creation and Curation