LX Pathways Portfolio Experience

What is the Portfolio Experience?

The LX Pathways Portfolio Experience guides you through the process of curating a comprehensive digital portfolio which documents your mastery of essential competencies associated with instructional design careers. Currently, portfolio experiences for instructional technologists and learning architects are available. You choose the right path for you.

As part of the experience, you will:

  • Explore essential competencies, best practices, exemplars, and practical advice for identifying and exhibiting your best work;
  • Create a digital portfolio that tells the story of your professional self;
  • Share your portfolio with an experienced LX pathways coach;
  • Meet with your coach to receive action-oriented feedback for improvement.

Why should I participate?

The higher education landscape is changing in response to growing demands for online programming, innovations in teaching and learning, and research-driven practice. Instructional designers are playing an increasingly visible role in this landscape, drawing on their interdisciplinary and creative experiences to solve wicked problems and design distinctive learning experiences.

There is a growing need for instructional designers to be able to demonstrate their individual experiences, approaches, and skill sets to current and future teammates and employers. A digital portfolio is an efficient and effective way to share your professional development at work and when searching for your next opportunity.

Is the Portfolio Experience right for me?

The LX Pathways Portfolio Experience is for participants who are focused on creating a personalized deliverable that can enhance their online digital presence or career portfolio immediately. This may be someone who is entering the field, considering a career change, aiming for career advancement, or reflecting on what they have accomplished and want to do next.

Although there is no single “best fit” for the experience, designers who are able to build parts of their portfolios from previous work or school projects may find the experience easier than someone who will be producing entirely original work.

What should I expect?

The LX Pathways Portfolio Experience is easy to navigate.

  1. Register for the experience.
  2. Create a digital portfolio on the platform of your choice. You choose whether your portfolio is public or private based on your personal goals. (Don’t worry, we’ll give you tips.)
  3. Review the competency guidelines, examples, and other resources.
  4. Collect or create your own examples for your portfolio.
  5. Share your portfolio with your assigned coach.
  6. Set up a 45-minute Zoom session with your coach for feedback.

What does the Portfolio Experience cost?

The fee for accessing comprehensive competency resources, tips for creating a professional portfolio, and expert feedback and coaching is currently $750.

Costs associated with hosting your portfolio or securing a domain are not included, but we will show you options for how to establish an amazing portfolio at no or very low cost.