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Designed for individuals interested in instructional technology, this competency-based learning pathway covers the fundamental knowledge and skills required to be a successful IT professional. The experience offers the opportunity to engage with both theoretical and practical aspects of working in this field. Follow the IT Pathway and you’ll learn about everything from the principles of good visual design to learner accessibility and video, audio, and image editing.

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Instructional Technologist

The IT Pathway is comprised of 11 core competencies that are aligned to relevant content, practice activities, and self-assessments. The competencies are organized into thematic sets—complete one successfully, and you can earn a badge in the following:

Upon completion of all 11 competencies, iDesign will grant you an IT Pathway Completion Badge, which you can use to enhance your résumé, CV, or professional Web presence.

If you want to extend the IT Pathway experience, you have the option to create a digital portfolio that benchmarks your performance. The digital portfolio consists of evidence-based artifacts that will be evaluated by leading instructional technology experts. Choosing to move forward with this digital portfolio competency will also provide you with a way to work with a learning coach to support you with your learning journey. Successful completion of this additional step will earn you an iDesign IT Pathway Digital Portfolio Certificate that affirms your participation and achievement.

The Portfolio experience is designed for Instructional Technologists with 3+ years experience who would like to work directly with a leader in the field and either develop or revise an online portfolio.

Instructional Technologist Curriculum

Learning Theories
Instructional Design Models
Creating and Communicating with Google
Communication and Collaboration
LMS Fundamentals
Project Management
Educational Technologies
Coaching and Support
Accessibility Requirements
Visual Design for Learning
Video and Image Editing Basics